Round 1: Practice round

Round 2

Pool 1: Johanna  vs. Ruby

Pool 2: Philippa vs. Lisa

Pool 3: Tabitha vs. Grace

Pool 4: Petra vs. Taylor

Pool 5: Lucas  vs. Thomas

Pool 6: Emilie vs. Nick

Pool 7: Marcus vs. Michaella

Pool 8: Katherine vs. James

Pool 9: Maisy  vs. Carla

Pool 10: Reece vs. Tobias

Pool 11: Myles vs. Daisy

Pool 12: Jules vs. Douglas

Round 3:

Ruby vs. Michaella

Grace vs. Douglas

Lucas vs. Nick

Lisa vs. James

Carla vs. Tobias

Myles vs. Petra

Round 4:

Michaella vs Nick

Grace vs Carla

Lucas vs Lisa

Petra vs Tobias

Round 5:

Michaella vs. Grace

Lisa vs. Petra

Round 6 (FINAL):

Michaella vs. Petra

And the champion is:


Winner of $200 of Apple Store or JB Hifi voucher and the Sight-reading champion trophy!



Winner of $50 Apple Store or JB Hifi voucher

Congratulations to our winners and to everyone for participating!!


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