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Do you like making music with others?

Here is a chance to be part of a performance group without having to have lots of expertise on your chosen instrument.


Join Kids Music Company’s Marimba Performance Group

  • Build performance skills

  • Play with others and build group music-making skills

  • Develop musical memory and aural skills

  • No practice required at home

  • Perform in September with about 300 others at the annual Marimba Festival

  • Perform publicly in November


The KMC marimba group meets on Monday nights in Takapuna from 6.30-7.30pm.

The group is mostly percussion. We play xylophones, marimbas and other percussion. Feature instruments can be added for example, flute, bass clarinet.


See examples of our performances here


Would you like to know more? Please email

Marimba Group

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