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Introducing the second edition of Marimba Mix, which comes with a USB memory drive rather than a CD. The USB has over 250 tracks and scores to enhance your teaching. Scores are included in parts with note names, and without note names to cater for different teaching styles. Practice tracks are included at different speeds as well as backing tracks with world instruments which will liven up any classroom! Please have a listen to some of the recordings to the left (may take a few seconds to load). 

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Included pieces:


1. 3 + 5


2. Soaring


3. Popcorn Polka


4. Lazy Sunday

5. Midnight March


6. Tennessee Blues


7. Evening Star


8. Carnival


9. Caribbean Calypso


10. Celtic Lake


11. Urban Sunset


12. Fresco

Screen Shot 2020-02-01 at 10.37.45
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