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This competition is now over. Congratulations to our winners! Check back for more competitions in 2015!!

Practice Competition- September Holidays 2014



We will be holding a practice competition for our instrumental students over the September holidays!


Prize Categories

Highest practice overall (calculated as a % of goal time) - KORG TM-40

Most consecutive days > goal time - Music Works Voucher

Best single day (calculated as a % of goal time) - iTunes Voucher

Most practice done on a Wednesday (calculated as a % of goal time) 

                                                                                     - JB Hi-Fi Voucher


Goal times

Grades 0-1    15 Minutes/day

Grades 1-3    20 Minutes/day

Grades 4-5    30 Minutes/day

Grades 6-7    45 Minutes/day

Grade 8+       60 Minutes/day








How do I participate?

Download the practice log

Bring the entry fee of $5 to your next lesson

Fill in your sheet and make sure a parent signs it after every practice session










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