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This collection includes twelve pieces in a variety of styles including blues, calypso, march, rock and jazz. Each piece has simple and more complex parts to cater for the varying abilities of group members. Some pieces have non-melodic parts to add different textures. All melodic lines are within the range of the descant recorder to give groups the option of including a wind section. Play-along tracks give teachers more flexibility and variety in the classroom whilst the practice tracks enable students to hear their parts individually. Suitable for primary and intermediate school settings. 


This resource includes a USB with:

  • A full recording of each piece
  • Practice tracks at 60%, 80% and 100% of the full speed
  • Separate notated parts for each instrument with and without note names
  • Full recordings omitting the melody or bass
  • Over 100 tracks to enhance your teaching


To listen to the pieces in this resource, please click here.

Marimba Mix (2nd Edition)

  • Book + USB Set

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    $15 AUS standard shipping

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