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Leah’s love of music is infectious.  Leah Munroe has taught my daughter music for several years in flute and piano.  Her lessons are more than just theory and scales.  Whilst these are important and excellent results in exams are achieved, Leah’s lessons cover all aspects of musicality and instil a love of many genres of music. Her positive and approachable personality has had a huge influence on the musical journey of my daughter. Over the years we’ve enjoyed Leah’s informal concerts which have been a wonderful way to gently introduce students from as young as five into performance.  We have always found her to be thoroughly professional in her approach to tuition and furthermore a wonderfully inspiring young woman.







Our daughter has been a student of Leah's for 10 years now and we can wholeheartedly endorse the tuition she has had in piano in this time. Leah's tuition has given Rita a thorough grounding in theory and practical piano and taken her through the grades achieving Merit or Distinction. Leah is an exceptionally gifted teacher and the best role model you could have for your child. We feel Leah has extended and instilled a lifelong love of music in our daughter and feel extremely grateful to have her as our daughter's musical mentor.


-Lorraine & Laurie





Starting piano with Leah 10 years ago was one of the best choices I have ever made. Many of my musical friends have changed tutors over the years and frankly, I never understood this because I assumed all tutors were like mine and well, I had never experienced the slightest essence of discomfort or doubt whilst being taught by Leah. 


My musical education with Leah has been detailed and thorough, giving me a comprehensive understanding of music and of what makes it such an amazing subject to learn. Leah always succeeds in making my lessons enjoyable and has consistently made sure they are tailored to my interests. She is an excellent tutor and has always been completely supportive of my endeavours, music-related or not and I know this was extremely beneficial having such a devoted teacher in such a pivotal time within my childhood. She is incredibly talented as a musical scholar and teacher and I could not recommend her enough.







I have been learning music with Leah for over 6 years now and have enjoyed every moment of it. When I first began learning flute and music theory from Leah I was encouraged to sit graded exams each year. These exams created a chance to set goals and have something to aim for over the year and Leah has helped me achieve these goals to the best of my ability which is testimony to her amazing teaching. Completion of each exam has given me a sense of pride and has helped map my progress throughout the years. Each lesson is different and interesting, with new techniques to be taught and unique ways of going about difficult sections of music. The casual concerts Leah organises have helped to build my confidence over the years, not only in music performance but in public speaking and presentation as well. Leah has instilled in me a great love of music and because of this music will forever be a part of my life no matter what career I pursue in the future.





I've been enjoying my flute lessons this term, especially after starting new pieces for my next exam and exploring even more techniques with Leah, who is a wonderful and more than patient teacher! Even though I've been busy with school exams, I have always tried to find time to practise. By including a range of exercises that make practising techniques that much more interesting so that I'm not bored out of my mind doing tedious repetitions, making time at home to play flute is not difficult.


-Wey Ern



This was my first year with Scherzo and I have had a great time with my teacher, Leah. I really enjoy the lessons and the way I am taught.





Seth has been great for Mark, he is very patient and kind but also challenges Mark to extend his playing.  Mark has really enjoyed his lessons and is looking forward to continuing on next year. 






Isobel has loved her first term of lessons with Miyo - she has such a wonderful manner with her. The lessons are fun, well paced and the focus in on good technique.





I started to play the violin as a grown up and gave up after just one year due to a busy work schedule. Now being a mum and working full time, I consider myself very lucky to have found Miyo who has been very flexible and supportive. Miyo is truly dedicated to student development and my skills have been improved tremendously over a short period of time. I am very pleased with the quality of instruction and always look forward to our lesson.





Seth has been great, my daughter has really enjoyed her lessons.





Seth is a really nice teacher, My son enjoys his lessons with him. He did regular practice at home as well!





Yvonne is a patient, caring and skilled teacher who has a love for teaching the clarinet. My daughter is enjoying being taught by Yvonne.




Seth is a fantastic drum teacher. My daughter Holly is slowly working through her Rock School diploma with Seth and she looks forward to her drum lessons each week. She feels she is learning something new in every lesson and she says its challenging in a fun way that she can relate to. She enjoys how Seth combines both theory and practical in the lessons.  If your child loves music and wants to learn all the theory, practical fundamentals and rudiments then I recommend Seth.



We can not recommend Scherzo and especially Leah enough. Going through both theory and practical exams has been an enjoyable and rewarding process for Elora and she looks forward to her lessons each week. It's been so lovely to see not only her progress but her love for music grow over the years. Having a teacher that is so passionate about her work definitely inspires and brings out the best in the students. 


Miyo is a wonderful teacher who is so passionate about violin, music, and teaching. Her lessons are incredibly insightful and help me develop both my playing technique and also my confidence in performance. Violin is a difficult instrument but thanks to Miyo, I have been progressing at a very fast rate that I did not even anticipate.





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